Enjoy this video during a mid-December sunset, or in aviation terms come with us as we “chase the horizon”.

(Apologies on the landing since it was a sudden gust creating a decent crosswind.)

Changed up the configuration of the GoPro Hero11 cameras, and set them to “extended battery mode” which greatly improved the record time on them, but some of the settings were reduced. Stayed at 4k quality, but framerate went down to 30 fps (which I wanted to try instead of 60 fps anyway) and the stabilization was set to “on” instead of the smoother “auto boost” setting. Not sure if the quality was reduced because of those factors OR the fact that we were losing light.

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Video shot on GoPro Hero 11 cameras, tail and strut mounted. Video edited using Filmora 12. Music courtesy of Artlist.io.

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Aviation Ambience

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