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From the FAA:

If a crosswind is present, the aileron displacement in the direction of the crosswind may be reduced as the airplane accelerates. The elevator/stabilator control should be held neutral throughout.

Short story long for the crosswind “optional part” of general aviation…

1.) Ailerons into the wind as you roll onto the runway.
2.) As throttle/speed increases, slowly “roll” the ailerons back to neutral and apply necessary rudder to stay center-line.
3.) Once in the air, and clear of the ground, “crab” into the wind.

Again, for novice or student pilots, it all sounds a lot more complicated than it is. PLEASE don’t let any of these things stop you!

If interested in more information, find a CFI near you: https://www.iflightplanner.com/FlightInstructors/

For the longer version of this “4 Airports” video:
Highlights – https://youtu.be/UOyh7Oe67h4
Full Flight – https://youtu.be/eLIzJ87-L3M

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